Public sector

Centrally controlled opening times? Schedules for the room usage? Heating by timetable? Exceptions that prove the rule? Modular expansion with wire-connected and/or wireless? Automatic window detection without sophisticated wiring?

The THZ system offers you the economical and ecological ideal solution.

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Private sector

Hotels, business premises, industrial sites… One or more central units or systems can be connected to form networks and so regulate an almost unlimited number of rooms.

All types of heating system can be combined: underfloor heating, radiators or foot strip (baseboard) heaters – electrical heating sources can also be regulated. All the systems can be controlled through a central PC software application (PCi). System queries via radio modem are also possible. Heating on the basis of timetables, for example, is child’s play with the THZ-Software!

Discover some of our installations here.


Our goal is to increase your living quality and cut your energy costs!  This is no longer a contradiction, not since Thermozyklus has been around: Once installed, THZ-Control learns the behaviour, use and orientation of each room and regulates accordingly.

Discover some of our installations here.