Private sector

You will find here some installations controlled by Thermozyklus. Visit also our French website for more examples.

Renovation of sensitive collective housing

240 transitional collective housings controlled by Thermozyklus: anti-vandalization sensors, actuators with automatic hydraulic balancing, communication with BMS… global energy efficiency and operator’s optimal control. Learn more


Old monastery turned into nursing home – renovation

Radiator heating in difficult environment, large stone walls: energy savings by radio-solution. 30 % energy savings ! Learn more


Luxury hotel – renovation

Wireless components, easy set up and use. Personalized room confort.

Learn all advantages of Thermozyklus for hotel businesses here.


Real estate agency – renovation

Skirting board heating, automatic door opening detection, optimal comfort and energy savings.


Production site SEW Usocome

Panel heating on 32 000 m² with 500 employees.



Collective housing

Centralized heating management, cost control and better individual comfort.



… and many other hotels, business premises, flats… contact us for more specific requests.