Public sector

You will find here some installations controlled by Thermozyklus. Visit also our French website for more examples.

School renovation & extension

Skirting board heating, blind RS sensors to avoid manipulation, management software for easy remote control, yearly programming, automatic temperature lowering… Learn more.


Museum Stralsund: humidity control & changing characteristics taken into account

FF Technology to maintain temperature +/- 0,15°C on the set temperature and at the same time humidity control: autonomous & dynamic. Learn more.

Town house & 5 other distinct sites : centralized heating management
Old town house, elementary school, festival hall, primary school & two  nurseries controlled by Thermozyklus – 23% energy savings in the first year.


Train station: people coming & going, high ceilings, energy waste 

Permanent change of energy input taken into consideration automatically, optimized skirting board heating.


New construction: architecture university in Nantes /France

Ceiling-heating in an glass-palace … Large windows, sun exposure, automatic window opening detection without contacts… quick ROI and optimal comfort. Learn more


Kindergarden: large windows, floor heating : problems solved within 24 hours! 

Existing building with large windows and lots of overheating trouble, huge temperature changing… easily and efficiently managed by our system in wireless version. 


And also fire houses, communities headquarters and amenities, hospitals… contact us for more specific information.