Certified ZE5 System

The eu.bac certified THZ ZE5 system is composed of:

  • the ZE central unit with its NT transfo
  • the SK valve engine
  • all RG / RS sensors

and also :

  • the FE radio receiver amplifier
  • the wireless SF valve engine
  • the wireless RF sensor
  • the FV radio amplifier

on water heating systems (radiator), floor heating systems and ceiling systems.




The ZE central unit with its SK/SF valve engines is eu.bac certified (Licence n° 213371) according to EN 15 500:

  • on water heating systems (radiator) : Ca = 0,2 (best score until today – 2018)
  • on water floor heating systems : Ca = 0,5
  • on water ceiling systems: Ca = 0,4 in heating and Ca = 0,4 in cooling.


Find here all documents related to the certifications.