Operating principle

Evolution through intelligence

Different from conventional single-room systems who lack responsiveness, the Thermozyklus individual room control works according to the thermocyclic principle that thermostats and PI regulators do not offer.

The temperature is measured every second and the information sent every minute to the central unit, brain of the system. Decisions are taken automatically and in real time thanks to the intelligent algorithm. The control accuracy is unrivalled : +/- 0,15°C.


Daily heating periods lead to constant fluctuations in temperature, often by several degrees, resulting in a unpleasant room climate. However, on the other hand, the temperature fluctuations do contain information on system constants and environmental conditions.

This is exactly where the Thermozyklus regulation system comes into play. It extracts this information and regulates these fluctuations down to very small levels. These micro-controlled-fluctuations are continuously evaluated and constantly instruct the control system.



The RG/RF/RS room sensors measure the temperature every second in every room and send the collected data in real time to the ZE central unit, brain of the system.

Thanks to the patented thermocyclic control algorithm, the ZE automatically calculates the heating periods according to effective needs. The ZE controls the SF/SK actuators or the ST switching steps via thermal actuators and this way carries out effectively the thermocyclic regulation on hydraulic heating systems. With electric heating, the orders are given via SSR or electronic relays.

Energy gains taken into consideration, automatic window opening detection = heating off, hydraulic balancing…

The Thermozyklus room control has many advantages and especially one: it is totally autonomous and does everything on its own!