Key assets

Patented control algorithm


Unrivalled accuracy +/- 0,15°C – up to 30 % energy savings and optimal thermal comfort.

Automatic hydraulic balancing / Automatic power management on electric heating.

Modular system, all emitters, combination of wired and wireless components possible.

Intelligence and anticipation: automatic window opening detection without contacts, free energy gains taken into consideration, elimination of overheating… the system is self-learning.


Certified quality

The Thermozyklus system is eu.bac certified with excellent results :

  • Ca = 0,2 on water heating systems (best score until today)
  • Ca = 0,4 in heating and 0,4 in cooling on water heating panels
  • Ca = 0,5 on water floor heating systems

You will find all details regarding the certifications in the eu.bac menu. They stand for outstanding quality.



The Thermozyklus system is BMS/Modbus communicating and of modular conception. Its integration in building automations is easy.

With its different room sensors and central units, the Thermozyklus room control adapts to any project : blind sensors in schools, anti vandalization sensors in sensitive housing, design sensors in hotels… and the central management allows easy access to the installation, specific programming, night temperature lowering, heating schedules…



No setting, no maintenance. It is only necessary to enter the wanted temperatures and the system takes care of the rest.

The Thermozyklus solution automatically manages all possible problems related to heating : elimination of overheating and discomfort, humidity management through FF technology, boiler temperature regulation via VR, hydraulic balancing with the proportional SF/SK actuators…