Central units

The ZE central units are eu.bac certified under licence n°213371, combined with the SF/SK actuators.


General description


The ZE central unit integrates the patented Thermozyklus control algorithm. It is the system’s brain and communicates with other components via 1 pair bus cable (polarity). Thanks to the information received from the different rooms, it calculates the right moment to open and close the relevant valves.


By optimizing energy input, the ZE avoids over- and underheating and keeps the room temperature +/- 0,15°C around the set temperature – an unrivaled accuracy. The ZE permanently learns system’s characteristics and controls every room regarding emitter, exposure, use, season and all other environmental conditions that may interfere. It autonomously determines parameters and adapts in real time to changing conditions.



The ZE central unit comes in different versions. You will find here a brief overview – it always includes heating and cooling management :

  • ZE5-10: up to 10 controlled rooms, the central unit for small projects and private housing.
  • ZE5-16: up to 16 controlled rooms – 6 additional rooms controlled !
  • ZE5-30: up to 30 controlled rooms – the central unit for professional use. Large clock for programming and time scheduling, data saving, networking of several ZEs possible…
  • ZE5-30P: the ZE with automation functions for large installations : allows control of external components such as ventilation devices…

Available options : automatic hydraulic balancing, mobile function, RJ45, humidity control, VR flow control, SD card for data recording, PC management software, clock, automated functionalities, networking…

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