Autonomous monocontrol

The hydraulic monocontrol solution THZMonozone MRF+MSF is eu.bac certified with excellent results on water floor heating systems Ca = 0,5 and radiators Ca = 0,2 – licence n°216592.


THZMonozone, more efficient than a thermostatic valve

THZmonozone, in the first place designed for the implementation in one single room, is composed of an MRF room sensor and MSF actuators (1 to 4 depending on needs). It is also possible to furnish all rooms. Intelligent and dynamic, it is way more efficient than a simple thermostatic valve: simpler, smarter, better.


The monocontrol is 100 % wireless and particularly interesting to control every apartment in multifamily housing.

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And as easy to install

With THZmonozone, there is one motto: simplicity. The MRF room sensor is placed in a room without any wiring. Then, you only have to screw the MSF actuator on the radiator (M30x1,5 – adapters available), associate an MRF room sensor, and set the temperatures at wanted times.


Datalogger FL

With its SD card, the FL datalogger (optional) allows retreiving of information via radio (set temperatures, real temperatures, batteries level, dates, heating curves, addresses, communication erros, window openings, etc.) that can be read in the form of a chart and/or curves. To record data, an FL datalogger only needs to be connected on a power outlet in the building.


The FL datalogger allows easy data supervision and tracking in large installations.


The thermocyclic mono control also exists for electric heating: discover our STU.